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It is encouraging to see what many of you are doing in your work with PowerPoint. I am including here a few representative samples from all of those who sent presentations  to me before and since the FC Lecture on February 8, 2005.  I appreciate all who have taken the time to send a contribution. I hope that you will find the material helpful.  I have made no attempts to edit or evaluate the quality of the presentations.  In some cases, some fonts might not have been included in the presentation; so they may not display exactly as the author intended. Feel free to download what you find useable. I hope you will explore this site for other class lessons, sermons, articles, photos, and PowerPoint presentations (Just click on the "home" link to get back to the index page).  Thanks for your interest!


Home Bible Studies Author File size
God's Plan in Christ (Lesson 1) Thomas Jones 254 KB
God's Spokesmen (Lesson 2) Thomas Jones 142 KB
Salvation in Christ (Lesson 3) Thomas Jones 238 KB
New Life in Christ (Lesson 4) Thomas Jones 179 KB
The church in God's Plan (Lesson 5) Thomas Jones 249 KB
What Does It Really Mean to Be a Disciple Kevin Kay 605 KB
Pre-service & In-service Kiosks Author File Size
Pre-service Announcement & Message kiosk Stan Cox 1.9 MB
Announcement kiosk Hugh Delong 181 KB
Pre-service kiosk (Psalm 148) Johnny Felker 2.1 MB
Pre-service kiosk (Flowers) Johnny Felker 13.6 MB
Pre-service kiosk (Psalm 23) Johnny Felker 156 KB
Pre-service kiosk (God Won't Ask) Johnny Felker 687 KB
Pre-service kiosk (Bible Vitamins) Johnny Felker 52 KB
Pre-service kiosk Michael Schmidt 8.4 MB
Song list and Lord's Supper kiosk Michael Schmidt 683 KB
Celestial Rod MacArthur 6 MB
Waterfall Rod MacArthur 4 MB
Wind Rod MacArthur 1 MB
Ocean Rod MacArthur 4 MB
Jesus Rod MacArthur 6 MB
Bible Classes Author File Size
Charts on the book of Daniel (14 charts) Ed Law 952 KB
Charts on Hebrews 1 (28 charts) Ed Law 99 KB
Resurrection (Time line) Ed Law 47 KB
Romans 3 (18 charts) Ed Law 489 KB
Sermons Author File size
Got Any More Giants? Matthew Allen 2.6 MB
Knowing God Matthew Allen 1.2 MB
It's A Life Matthew Allen 692 KB
Financing the Work R.P Bell 2.5 MB
That's Using Your Head Steve Brewer 190 KB
Follow Me Steve Brewer 383 KB
The Minor Prophets Daniel DeGarmo 2.8 MB
Sweet Peas of Psalm 23 Daniel DeGarmo 319 KB
Growing Through Prayer Hugh DeLong 165 KB
The Pillar & Ground of the Truth Larry Fain 245 KB
Effective Use of PowerPoint (sermon outline) Johnny Felker 54 KB
Effective Use of PowerPoint (presentation) Johnny Felker 3.8 MB
Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham Johnny Felker 7.1 MB
Baptism in its Proper Setting Sewell Hall 57 KB
Things God Cannot Do Matt Hennecke 188 KB
Ecclesiastes II (Lasting Joy) Randy Hofh 16 KB
God's Blueprint Dan Hooten 1.8 KB
Honor the Woman Brent Hunter 418 KB
The Prayer of Jabez Brent Hunter 3.1 MB
Church Discipline Thomas Jones 130 KB
Maturing in Christ Ethan Longhenry 281 KB
Archaeology (Seven churches of Asia) Oscar Miles 4.2 MB
Archaeology #2 (Seven churches of Asia) Oscar Miles 7.4 MB
Seeking Higher Ground Bob Myhan 214 KB
Necessity of Sacrifice Ney Reiber 54 KB
Fallout from the Storm Jeff Smith 349 KB
To Live is Christ Allen Shepherd 228 KB
The Wise & Foolish Builders Allen Shepherd 273 KB
Evolution Test David Tant 120 KB
Integrity David Tant 2.6 MB
Too David Tant 4.0 MB
Jesus' "Bungled" Campaign BobWest 539 KB
The Problem of Evil Bob West 636 KB
The Sure Mercies of David Jeff Young 75 KB
"Thou Art the Man" Jeff Young 32 KB
SITS Bible Conference MP3's    
1 Cor. 11:17-34--The Lord's Supper Johnny Felker 22.9 MB


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