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It has been a pleasure to both compose gospel songs and arrange them for others as well.  All of the songs are copyrighted by the various composers including myself.  If you would like to copy them for use in worship please write me for contact information for the various writers.


Song Composer (Arranger)
Oh, What Will You Say? John Rose
A Better Place Thomasina England (Johnny Felker)
A Song of Praise Thomasina England
(Johnny Felker)
The Dark River Freeman Riggins
(Johnny Felker)
I Cannot Cross the River Alone Freeman Riggins
 (Johnny Felker)
We Are One Barbara Holloway
 (Johnny Felker)
Strive On Jim Deason
(Johnny Felker)
Friends Around the world B. Holloway & J. Felker
(arr. Johnny Felker)
True Word of God Johnny Felker
Tell It To the Next Generation Johnny Felker


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