Local Work






After receiving a B.A. degree in Music Education in 1975, my new wife, Martha and I moved to work with Eugene Crawley and the Carriage Drive congregation in Beckley, WV. Each week I preached for small churches in the towns around Beckley like Oceana and Ieager. A few months later the Oakwood Road church in Charleston, WV invited me to work full-time with them (1976-1978). After two years of work there, we moved to Lawrenceburg, TN to work along side Rufus Meriwether with the Downtown church (1978-1988). Ten years later we moved to work with the Midway church in Florence, AL where I labored for almost eleven years (1988-1999) and where I had the privilege of serving both as a gospel preacher and as an elder of the congregation for five years. In April 1999 I began work with the church at Perry Heights in Nashville, TN where I continue to preach each week.  I have also been serving as one of the elders here, along with Brother Doug Driver, since 2005.  I would love for you visit the congregation there.  You may also want to visit the church web site for more information about Perry Heights.


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