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Article Title Date
Church Growth Cycles 09/01/2002
Causes of Church Decline 09/08/2002
Coping with Demographic Change 09/15/2002
How Leadership Affects Church Growth and Decline 09/22/2002
How Follow ship Affects Church Growth and Decline 09/29/2002
Coping with Change 10/13/2002
Dealing With Disagreements 10/27/2002
Overcoming Church Decline 11/03/2002
The Turn Around from Decline to Growth (Leaders) 11/17/2002
The Turn Around from Decline to Growth (Love Needed) 11/24/2002
The Turn Around from Decline to Growth (Fervent Prayer Needed) 12/01/2002
The Turn Around from Decline to Growth
(The Need for a Plan of Outreach)
The Turn Around from Decline to Growth (A Committed Core) 12/15/2002
Outreach 2003 12/22/2002
Second Time Around 1/02/2003
Metro Law and Homosexuality 1/19/2003
New work in Ukraine 1/26/2003
Greet One Another 2/02/2003
Comfort for the Depressed 2/16/2003
The Joy of Spiritual Growth 2/23/2003
Good News to Share 3/02/2003
Christ Lives in Me 3/09/2003
Lead Us Not Into Temptation 3/16/2003
Are You One of God's People? 3/23/2003
Had a Checkup Lately? 3/30/2003
Faith's Response to Bad News 4/20/2003
At the Feet of Jesus 4/28/2003
If You Could See Him Now! 5/04/2003
Some Promises You Can Count On! 5/11/2003
Questions About Premillenialism 5/25/2003
A Lesson from the Life
of  Simon Peter
A Challenge to "User-friendly"
God and Religion
Two Signs Speak 6/15/2003
The Gospel Is Credible! 6/22/2003
The Reasons I Live 7/06/2003
What Is Biblical Fellowship? 7/13/2003
Darwin More Than a Century Later 7/20/2003
Under His Feet 8/03/2003
Keep the Prayers Coming People! 8/10/2003
Biochemistry Defies Evolution! 8/17/2003
Paul Bashing 8/24/2003
Neglecting to Break Bread 9/07/2003
Growing in Knowledge of the Word 9/14/2003
On the Fast Track to Sainthood 9/28/2003
The Lasting Effect of Little Things 10/26/2003
Inclusive or Exclusive? 11/02/2003
"You Stand Out!" 11/09/2003
Judging Others? 11/16/2003
Jesus' Last Words 11/23/2003
If God Exists.. 12/07/2003
Prophecies of Jesus 12/14/2003
Operation Global Freedom 1/04/2004
What Are the Odds? 1/11/2004
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands 1/18/2004
A Chance to Receive Millions 1/25/2004
"Sorry, no exceptions!" 2/01/2004
"Never on the First Date??" 2/15/2004
The Passion of Christ and Anti-Semitism 2/22/2004
A Higher Authority 3/14/2004
Are the Gospels Historically Accurate? 3/28/2004
Church "Shopping" 4/04/2004
A Special Day 4/11/2004
About that "Eleventh Commandment" 4/25/2004
Dayton: 1925, 2004 5/16/2004
"Dress"  in Worship 5/23/2004
Dealing with Wayward Members 6/06/2004
Preventing Wayward Members 6/13/2004
Encouraging Others to Faithful Attendance 6/20/2004
Come Home! 8/08/2004
A Lesson from the Church Mailbox 8/15/2004
How Can I Forgive Others? 8/29/2004
Exercising Civil Responsibility 9/05/2004
Bear One Another's Burdens 9/12/2004
Prepare! 9/19/2004
Are there "Other Gospels"? 9/26/2004
A Free What? 10/03/2004
Home Security 10/10/2004
Does John 7:54 Refer to the Lord's Supper? 10/17/2004
"Jesus, The Way" 10/24/2004
An In-depth Look at Acts 22:16 11/07/2004
Six Things You Can Do to Build Up the Church 11/14/2004
The Centurion's Confession 11/21/2004
Codes Sinaiticus 12/05/2004
Was Jesus Born in Bethlehem? 12/12/2004
Excruciating! 12/19/2004
God Is Not a Pit Stop 1/2/2005
About Vision 1/9/2005
Back to the Dark Ages? 1/16/2005
In One Ear and Out the Other 1/23/2005
Money--Is it Overrated? 1/30/2005
The State of Union 2/6/2005
Pillar and Support of What? 2/27/2005
A Neurological Disorder? 3/6/2005
Gay the News Again 3/20/2005
If You Could See Him Now! 3/27/2005
About Worship 4/3/2005
Selecting Elders and Deacons 4/17/2005
The Blessings of Evangelism 5/1/2005
The Unselfishness of Jesus 5/15/2005
"We Are Somebody Now" 6/5/2005
Adjusting the Scales 6/12/2005
"A Real Job" 6/19/2005
"Is This Really Mine?" 7/12/2005
"Five Steps"...Forward and Backward 7/17/2005
Too Late! 8/7/2005
Are Modern Versions Real Bibles? 8/14/2005
"The Bible" 8/21/2005
Evacuate! 9/4/2005
Blessing from Adversity 9/11/2005
Roman Soldiers 9/18/2005
It's Reliable History 9/19/2005
A Surprising Statement 10/2/2005
Guideposts for Faithful Living 11/27/2005
God's Triumphal Procession 12/11/2005
"Right on the Money" 12/18/2005
A Special Day 12/25/2005
False Hopes? 1/8/2006
Inscriptions from the Catacombs 1/15/2006
The Right to Say "No" 1/29/2006
Hindsight or Foresight? 2/5/2006
Start with the End in View 5/7/2006
Dan Brown--the Man Behind the Book 5/14/2006


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